[Rants] Why routers will be next

Added: Sunday November 23, 2008

Everybody is always giving Microsoft a hard time regarding security. Especially many Linux die-hard fans are convinced that everything Microsoft does is bad and Linux is safer, just because it is Linux. Luckily the fanboy period usually lasts only a few years. There is a lot wrong on Linux systems, especially on Linux-based routers. This has everything to do with costs: bugs are not repaired and new bugs reappear over and over again. A fairly new router from a large Taiwanese vendor that I just saw contains Pseudo-ICSd! Development of this piece of software ceased in 2002 and it has known security bugs in it.

Now Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into security and actively working on preventing security bugs in their systems, I think that crackers will move to easier targets, such as crappy routers, that have gaping wide security holes...and not just in their UPnP stack.


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