Another profile that is in use on various devices is the so called 'RemoteUI'. The profile describes a RemoteUIClient and RemoteUIServer. From a hacking perspective the RemoteUIClient is the most interesting, since it displays content.

Sending annoying messages to others

There is one method in RemoteUIClient which can be used to annoy people, or even scare them into thinking they have been hacked. This method, DisplayMessage, takes two parameters:

  1. MIME type (not all types are supported by every device)
  2. message
Two RemoteUIClient devices I tested are the NETGEAR EVA700 and the NETGEAR EVA8000. Both devices implement the RemoteUIClient profile. Using DisplayMessage with the EVA700 does not give any interesting results. With the EVA8000 it is possible to display messages.

This is intended behaviour. In fact, the EVA8000 has an option through the user interface to send custom messages to other EVA8000 devices.

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